Wealth Management is really a lifelong commitment to managing your assets and making certain your investments are maximized for future gain. At Kelly Financial, we’re trusted advisors and fiduciaries for individuals and families throughout Wisconsin in need of assistance with investment strategies, insurance solutions and retirement planning. We work closely with estate attorneys, accountants and bankers to provide a unified, strategy-based wealth management solution that’s customized to your highly particular needs. With us, you’ll take relief in knowing we’re not “product pushers” out to sell the services of large investment brokerage firms. We’re independent, beholden to no one except you, as we listen intently to what you’re goals are.

Registered Investment Advisors (RIA)

At Kelly Financial, we are Registered Investment Advisors with the fiduciary responsibilities to put our client’s interests ahead of our own. We are registered nationally and with the state of Wisconsin.

Annuity Offerings

We provide a full spectrum of annuities, including Life, Joint and Last Survivor annuities that pay a steady stream of periodic payments which can be crucial in wealth management planning and administration.

Education Funding

There is no end in sight for rising higher education costs and tuition. Whether it’s setting aside funds for your children, or perhaps continuing your own education, there are several ways to save for education, and Kelly Financial can assist you with those investments. There are 529 College Savings Plans, Coverdell Education Savings Accounts and Custodial Savings Accounts that can be part of your education funding strategy.

Individual Retirement Account (IRA)

As part of your wealth management planning, we frequently recommend IRAs to set aside money for retirement while taking advantage of tax savings. As part of this service, we also can establish SIMPLE and SEP IRAs for our clients.

401(k) Offerings

Kelly Financial specializes in structuring 401(k) defined contribution plans for individuals and families throughout Wisconsin. In wealth management, a 401(k) can be an extremely important investments vehicle.

Estate Tax Planning

Part of any wealth management strategy is estate tax planning. We work closely with your attorneys, bankers and accountants to make certain our investment recommendations are aligned with your wealth management goals. As trusted advisors, estate tax planning is full of complexities and ever changing laws; we can help you navigate the complexities and provide the right solutions.

Financial Planning

Financial planning is always a part of an overall wealth management strategy and plan. Our financial planners take the time to understand your needs, to draft a plan that makes sense for all people involved, and then they implement and manage your plan in an effort to create wealth and reduce risk.

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